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As honeymoon experts we get asked a lot of questions. You will find our teams know pretty much the answer to most things and if we don't know, we'll enjoy finding out the answers for you. Here are a few of the questions we get asked most often.


However if you still have a questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Q: How is The Honeymoon Planner different from a traditional travel agency?
The Honeymoon Planner specializes in honeymoons and other romantic special occasion travel. Our ideal clients are modern and young (or young at heart!) newlyweds who are looking for an individually tailored honeymoon experience.  With this specialization we have a better understanding of how you travel, your communication style, and your needs throughout the planning process. Through the use of email, Skype, social media, and website collaboration, we are able to accept clients through Egypt and the Middle East.


Q: I have no idea where we want to go.  Can you help?
Absolutely!  After a short discussion with you and based on your interests and budget, we will provide with some great options to choose from.


Q: What if we already know where we want to go?
Great!  We will get started with crafting your custom itinerary complete with amazing accommodations, transportation, tour reservations, and the little details that will make it individually yours.


Q: Can I use The Honeymoon Planner even if I’m not taking a honeymoon?
Sure, we would love to work with you!  We cater to honeymooners, but with our expertise across a variety of exotic locations we can help with anniversaries, MiniMoons, family trips, or any other special occasion travel.


Q: What are the benefits of working with The Honeymoon Planner?
Simply because we offer you:
- The Best Value for money: We research a wide variety of travel suppliers, shopping for the best service and value. We let you know about special promotions and can advise you on the quality of a particular product to ensure it meets your needs.
- Convenient One-Stop Shopping: You will save time and money with us handling every aspect of your trip, from air tickets, transfers, car rentals and lodging to excursions and much more.
- Customer Advocate: Encounter a problem during your trip? Our honeymoon specialists will assist you to ensure that the issue is resolved before, during, and/or after your dream trip. We want to be your travel advisers for life.
- Professional Guidance: The travel industry can be quite complicated and overwhelming. It’s comforting to know your honeymoon planner will help you decipher the information and make sure you are adequately informed and prepared. We know the business and will work hard to make sure you are at the right resort to meet your desires and will not leave anything to chance. Your romantic travel experience is important to us too!
- Personalized Service: We're not some impersonal voice or website. We're right here, a local business and members of the community. We will take the time to understand your travel needs and expectations.
- Unbiased Information: Our travel suppliers work for us and you, not the other way around.
- Trust: We are not some anonymous website or long distance number. We are a local business in your community. We are here when you need to reach us.


Q: Why should we use The Honeymoon Planner - can't we find the same rates on the internet?
You certainly may be able to find a good deal, but a qualified travel agent - one who has a great deal of experience - knows exactly how to help you save money, and can make sure that every detail is handled. And because there are so many details involved in making sure your Honeymoon trip is perfect, you'll want to be certain that your travel agent is very experienced at planning Honeymoons, as we are.


Q: What if we book our Honeymoon with you, and then cancel or postpone our wedding?
At The Honeymoon Planner, we guarantee that you will receive a full refund of any amount you have already paid, subject to the requirements of the airline and destinations involved.  We maintain excellent relationships with all our vendors, and will work to reschedule your honeymoon (if it was postponed) or get the maximum refund available for you (if it was cancelled).


Q: What if my fiancé and I want to do very different things on our Honeymoon?
Many destinations offer a wide variety of activities and amenities, and are easily able to balance one person's need for activity with another's need for privacy and intimacy.  Our honeymoon consultants are very experienced at knowing exactly which honeymoon destinations can meet both of your needs, and we offer a no-obligation price quote for our suggested destinations.


Q: We want a really nice Honeymoon but have a very small budget - where can we go?
There are lots of options!  Many couples set up a honeymoon gift list with us (if you are not familiar with what our honeymoon gift list is, please see our honeymoon gift list section), which helps them to have the honeymoon of their dreams because their family and friends help by contributing toward the cost.  Our honeymoon consultants know how to work with any budget to make your honeymoon the magical, romantic experience that it should be.


Q. Do we get any extras because it is our honeymoon?
Normally, yes but this is completely up to the hotel, many hotels do offer specials for Honeymooners, this can be anything from a bottle of champagne to a room upgrade. Please give us a call and speak to one of our honeymoon consultants who will be able to give you helpful honeymoon ideas and advise you of whether the hotel you have chosen offers any honeymoon extras.

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